March 2010 Contributions from Cocodle

For March 2010, we have donated Rs.5000 to Akshara Foundations (Ref: 30012/AF/Don/2009-10, Receipt No. 075 Dated 27-03-2010) towards children’s education and health care activities. We also have some more donations pending and we will publish the details as soon as we have the update. As for our promotional activities, we couldn’t do much in the [...]

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Yet another round of contributions from Cocodle

Thanks everyone for the great support. As a part of our February 2010 activities and contributions, we have once more sponsored School bags, shoes and Immunization for children through World Vision India (Gift Acknowledgement Ref: 748599, Dated 12-Feb-2010). We will also be sponsoring a Learning kit for a Balwadi for two children for a year (containing education aids – puzzles, blocks, charts) through Akshara Foundation by the end of this month.

Also, we are seeing considerable improvement in our earning this month after our first round of offline promotion and the continued support from all of you. We have already reached $7 per day average earning this month from $2.8 per day average in the previous month. That is a huge improvement and we thank you all once again for using Cocodle and for supporting us.

Cocodle mission and activities

In this post, I would like to address some questions like “what Cocodle has done so far” and “what our future plans are“, etc.

We would like to keep everything transparent.

  1. Cocodle was launched on November 1, 2009 and our first earning from the website (of 80.45 USD) came to us in the 1st week of January 2010. This is because the earning takes one month to process after the closing date of each month. Out of this earning, we donated Rs.2000/- to World Vision India to sponsor Children Books and Immunization Programs (World Vision India Gift Ref. No: wv-000104548, Dated 18th-Jan-2009). We also distributed 500 promotional flyers that month as a part of our first offline promotional campaign. The remaining money (which is about Rs.800) has been carried forward in order to be used in the 2nd round of Cocodle activities.
  2. Our December 2009 month’s earning from Cocodle which is 115.33 USD, came to us on 3rd February 2010. We already have plans to use this money for supporting child welfare activities through Akshara Foundation (as we have mention in our first activity report). We also have plans for a 2nd round of offline promotional campaign this month which will include distribution of about 2000 promotional flyers.
  3. Our January 2010 month’s earning which is 83.85 USD and this amount will also be used on the same line. The good news is that we have seen considerable improvement in our earning in the past few days after our first offline promotional campaign.

We do have complete statistics of our earnings and our activities and will be able to send out the details and proof on genuine requests.

Our mission is to support child welfare activities across the country and also to grow into one if everything turns out well. As of now, we do NOT have fixed rule on how much percentage of Cocodle’s earning is to be used to meet Cocodle’s objectives. But we will always try to use more than 80% of the Cocodle’s earnings towards achieving the basic Cocodle Objectives.

I do hope this post has addressed some of the questions that are rising in the minds of some of our supporters. Please feel free to send us any queries you may have so that we can discuss those in details.

And thank you once again for all the support. We grow only with you.

First round of Cocodle activities: January 2010

It is our pleasure to inform the Cocodle users that, with your support, we are now ready for our first round of monetary contributions towards helping the under privileged and differently abled children. To begin with, we have shortlisted few child welfare organizations to join hands with or to support their objectives through monetary contributions.

We have started by sponsoring children school books and immunization programs through World Vision India and we are planning to approach Akshara Foundations as our next step. We also have plans to contribute towards other similar child welfare organizations that operate across the country once we start to generate proper revenue through the Cocodle Search. We really appreciate all your support and we hope the trend will continue. Once again, thank you all.

Be a Cocodle Volunteer

If you like Cocodle and if you think Cocodle is doing a good job, please help us grow by helping us spread the word around. We really need volunteers and we really need your help.

There are many ways you can help us spread the word around. Be it a “simple email that you send out to your friends” or be it “just a mention when you chat with your friends” in the coffee corner, anything will mean a lot to us. Please do feel free to do anything that may help Cocodle reach out to the masses.

Let’s all join hands and let’s all join the Cocodle Movement.

Be a part of the Cocodle Movement

It has only been 20 days since the Cocodle was born but it has already started reaching the corners. It’s indeed a great feeling to learn that people are supporting Cocodle and its cause. We have been receiving many emails with various kinds of feedbacks and helpful suggestions. Thank you everyone for all the support and for using Cocodle.

In this post, we would like to address some of the concerns that our users have emailed us. generates revenue by sending search traffic to Although the traffic we receive and the revenue generated thereby is minimal at present, we are determined to get it to a level from where we can actively start our contributions towards helping differently-abled and underprivileged children for education and health care facilities. We are targeting a 2 months time frame from the date of our launch (i.e. November 1, 2009) to achieve our first target. But this is only possible when you support us by using the website to search the internet and by spreading the word around.

We will be updating this blog frequently with information on our various activities towards helping these children and our relations with other welfare organizations in the country.

Cocodle is not just about helping these children from the revenue generated through It’s an initiative towards making a difference by embracing simple habits that can make a change. Let’s all join hands and let’s be the change.