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First round of Cocodle activities: January 2010

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It is our pleasure to inform the Cocodle users that, with your support, we are now ready for our first round of monetary contributions towards helping the under privileged and differently abled children. To begin with, we have shortlisted few child welfare organizations to join hands with or to support their objectives through monetary contributions.

We have started by sponsoring children school books and immunization programs through World Vision India and we are planning to approach Akshara Foundations as our next step. We also have plans to contribute towards other similar child welfare organizations that operate across the country once we start to generate proper revenue through the Cocodle Search. We really appreciate all your support and we hope the trend will continue. Once again, thank you all.

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Hi Cocodle Team,

I agree that the way you are earning money to provide service is really innovative. But just wondering because no where in the website you have mentioned that % of money of the earning you get will be used for donation.

I being a social worker am worried if you are using social contribution as a marketing mechanism for your custom search engine.

Looking forward for thoughts

Anilkumar BVN

Anilkumar BVN / February 4th, 2010, 2:28 pm / #

Hi Anil Kumar,

Thanks for the comment. We do understand your concern and to address the same, we have just published an article on this blog Here.I hope this will clarify some of your doubts. Please feel free to post any queries so that we can discuss them further.

Best regards.

Cocodle / February 5th, 2010, 1:36 am / #

HI Team,

Thanks for clarifying things. I will send the same information to all with ur supporting information.

I will do my bit to it.

Anilkumar BVN

Anilkumar BVN / April 5th, 2010, 8:15 pm / #

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