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Yet another round of contributions from Cocodle

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Thanks everyone for the great support. As a part of our February 2010 activities and contributions, we have once more sponsored School bags, shoes and Immunization for children through World Vision India (Gift Acknowledgement Ref: 748599, Dated 12-Feb-2010). We will also be sponsoring a Learning kit for a Balwadi for two children for a year (containing education aids – puzzles, blocks, charts) through Akshara Foundation by the end of this month.

Also, we are seeing considerable improvement in our earning this month after our first round of offline promotion and the continued support from all of you. We have already reached $7 per day average earning this month from $2.8 per day average in the previous month. That is a huge improvement and we thank you all once again for using Cocodle and for supporting us.

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this is one of the greatest step towards the underprivilaged children. those children did nothing wrong in their life but suffering from even having one time meal.please help them as much as possible and channelize all the earnings from cocodle towards helping them.

sneha prasad / February 25th, 2010, 1:16 pm / #

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